EASE is a new and delightful way to buy clothes
Drives more traffic
to your store
Increases sales and
average purchase value
Connects you with the customers outside the store
Discover the EASE POD in a short video
EASE completely removes pain from the customer journey and makes it engaging and fun.
MEGA Belaya Dacha Moscow
(IKEA Shopping Centers)
facts and figures
of the visitors go the recommended stores
of the visitors purchase recommended styles and brands
users per month is the growth of a loyal and engaged customers database per scanner
WIN-WIN Strategy

The visitor
quickly finds what he needs.
The shop shows a matching offer to every visitor.
The mall attracts new traffic creating a greater shopping experience.

Send personalized
offers to the customers,
with ease.

So when the customer comes to buy the clothes he has already chosen,
you can upsell too.


We are at your service!

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