Future of online shopping

Personal shopping assistant
driven by artificial intelligence.


of consumers are leaving
online stores without buying
anything. One of the reasons:
they can’t find what they need.


of retailers are already using
artificial intelligence and data
science to increase sales.


of consumers are happy to
provide personal data in exchange
for personalized shopping experience.

You get:Benefits



An accurate knowledge of
your client preferences enables
you to offer her exactly what
she’s looking for.



Besides being a valuable experience, shopping with Dress Code is fun! Your customers will be willing to spend more good time in your store.



You’ll convert better, you’ll retain more customers. You’ll cut the costs for the inbound traffic.

Show me who you are

How does it work

In a playful way we create a detailed psychological portrait of the consumer. Together with the interactive clothing feed normally exhausting shopping turns into an exciting personalized experience with a shopping assistant.

Your Preferences

“I`ll have my usual”

The customer likes to come back to the place where he is known and cared about. That positively affects the conversion, engagement and retention rates, and you make much more with the same customer traffic.

Receive Your Product

That`s the dress!

The consumer no longer wastes time flipping through endless pages with thousands of products. A.I. hides everything irrelevant and all that she might want is right there in front of her!

Why us?It’s not another general recommendation engine,
it’s about clothes.

A choice of dress code always conveys a social message. We study the reasons behind these choices and make educated suggestions.

The science behind the recommendation engine is researched by our team with PhD’s in psychology, data science, computer vision.

The integration with your online store is quick, simple and straightforward.

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Welcome to the age of Artificial Intelligence.
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